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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, if you have a question that is not in this section please contact me. Although I cannot promise, I will try to answer you.

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Professional Advice

How can I write a story?

All stories have the same structure: A critical event happens. The character performs the main action and must overcome an opposition. This could be an internal or external conflict or a living being or a calamity, some complex or trauma. But I recommend you to look for some books, it doesn’t have a short answer.

Any advice to start my comic/story?

Inspiration is not the source of creation but part of it. The source of creation is IN DOING. Inspiration comes when you’re doing something, whether watching a movie or reading when you witness a situation or someone tells you an anecdote. Those are ignitions for inspiration. The sparks that help you start working on an idea. Write them down on paper, make your list of possible creations, and when you are in front of your workstation, and you don’t know what to do, review them, and execute one of them. Surf through a gallery moderately, and without overfilling your mind, it can help you start crafting what you want to do.

What do you do when you get stuck on something you can’t solve?

The mind works best when it is relaxed. If you are wanting to force something, you may not succeed. The best ideas come when you have spare time. Go for a walk, take a shower, go on a bike, just relax. Soon you will know how to solve what overwhelms you.

How to draw fluently and with security?

I felt the same fears as you, I traced with insecurities. And over time, you may master it; but lots of time can pass and not yet get it. So you have to draw with determination, with the anticipation that you are going to make a mistake.


Drawing with ink will help you sharpen that aspect way more. Because you will not be able to erase the error. You will draw, knowing that you’ll mess up your drawing. Accepting it will help you build that determination until you have some confidence in yourself. I could tell you that you better get to practice making a bunch of straight lines and circles, so you don’t ruin your drawings. But that doesn’t help much because you are not putting your illustrations at risk, and the determination and security are not built, you’re just avoiding the challenge. You can do it to warm up, but that’s it. The real game starts with inking the drawings you love. Put your value at stake, risk. So you have to practice inking the drawings that you did with emotion and affection. Or Just draw with ink directly as I do in my other IG account. After making mistakes and seeing the error as an ally, an error teaches you to be better. Then, you’ll begin to draw fluently and with security.

How to overcome the fear of drawing?

It happens that it is better that you anticipate and not that you have expectations for something.


Anticipate, but don’t expect. I’ll define “anticipation for you: You’re excited about what the future holds, but you don’t try to control it.

Expectation: You try to predict the future and restrict your happiness to one outcome.
Always be excited about the possibilities. Never be entitled to them —words of wisdom from the writer and thinker James Clear.

Tools Used

What software do you use?

I always use CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX to make my illustrations and comics.

What tools do you use in CSP?

I use the G-Pen, and here I have a tutorial dedicated to my process with more details, settings, and other techniques.

What tablet do you use?

I use a HUION Kamvas 22 Plus. HUION tablets are affordable, lightweight, inexpensive, and somewhat fragile, but firm. I advise you to buy a protective film on your tablet so that you don’t feel the display slippery when drawing.


Do you live in Japan?

Yes, I do. I'm Mexican but since 2017 I live in Chiba, about an hour and a half from Tokyo.

What did you study?

I studied Graphic Designer, but mostly I learned what I know by myself and sharing my interests with other enthusiasts and colleagues.

Tools Used
Professional Advice
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