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About the Author

Raúl Treviño is an independent comic book author who uses sequential imagery to tell stories and to express himself as an artist. Raúl has had very diverse styles throughout his career, and he has always protected the freedom to do what most interests him.

His characters are imbued with kawaii features that belie bad-ass attitudes, formed with gestural lines that convey movement and awaken emotions. Adventure, mystery, and drama are pillars in his stories. With clear, strong, and mostly minimalist graphics, Raul mixes European art elements and traditional manga aesthetics.


He born in Mexico, and currently living in Chiba, Japan.

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Current Projects

Raul is now designing a course for Coloso and working on some personal projects that he would announce soon.

But don’t hesitate to subscribe to his mailinglist, follow him on Twitter or Instagram so you don’t miss any news of his current projects.


  Comics & Art Books



International Awards and Nominations

  • 2016 FONCA Sponsorship for the develop of the Culture and Mexican Arts.

  • 2014 Best Graphic Novel for "Tinkers of the Wasteland" at the Butze-Vargas awards for Mexico’s best comics.

  • 2014 Best Writer for my comic "Tinkers of the Wasteland" at the Butze-Vargas awards for Mexico’s best comics.

  • 2004 New Fnac Talent for "The Dance of the Conquest."

  • 2004 Nominated Best New Author at the 9th annual Expocomic event in Spain.

  • 2003 1st Place in the International Norma Editorial Competition for Best Work, (Spain).

Tools used

  • Wacom Cintiq 28

  • Ergotron, LX Desk Monitor Arm.

  • Velvon Sliding arm (for Cam or iPad)

  • Mac Studio

  • Clip Studio Paint EX

  • Blender

  • ZBrush

  • iPad Pro

  • Yeticaster Streaming Set (mic)

  • DaVinci Resolve (videos)

If you would like to know how Raul works, please check out his collaboration with Clip Studio Paint: WEBTOON: Workspace & Ideas for Dynamic Sequences On Mobiles

Interviews & Podcasts

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