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Inspired by his post-apocalyptic manga trilogy Tinkers of the Wasteland, Raul Trevino now brings us INK & Punky, the first art book of the “Ink & …” series featuring punk girl characters in a collection of black and white illustrations with a touch of life, cuteness and fun!


EXTRA FEATURE! This digital art book comes with a behind the ink section showing some of the processes he used for drawing these punky gals. 


And hold on! Raul Trevino is working on the second volume called INK & Wheels, which will come with CHARACTERS DESIGNS riding any vehicle with wheels, (but specially motorcycles). These INK & Series are about to explore the beautiful art style in black and white and creativity. During the realization of this project, Raul Trevino is sharing his process in his YouTube Channel (only in Spanish) and work in progress in his Instagram account. So don’t miss the chance to follow his work and learn from him!


Author: Raul Trevino

Collection: Ink & Series

Format: Digital

Language: English & Spanish

Color: B&W

Pages: 38

Size: 7.8 x 7.8 in (20 x 20 cm)

Currency: US Dollars

PDF • Art book INK & Punky

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