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Hi, I'm Raul
I do comics and character design!

I'm a Mexican comic author based in Japan, creator of Magic Soda Pop and Live Forever for Webtoon.

I create worlds full of adventure and it’s a tremendous honor to contribute to the world in such a fun way.

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Live Forever

After a tragedy, Sarah’s conviction to never lose another loved one drives her to discover a formula for eternal life that provokes a fatal crisis.


A fantasy story about magic sodas that grant powers but with bizarre side effects.


In a post-apocalyptic world, three young adventurers and somewhat crazy, find that the chickens they’ve been hunted as a food will be part of a dire threat that could destroy what it remains of humanity.


You can find me on Twitch!

If you speak Spanish, you're studying this language or you just want to lurk and see me working, you can join me every Friday night!

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