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Artists Job

I'm hiring ARTISTS to develop an ongoing project. Your participation can be as your time allows you.


What do I need you to draw?

You will draw partial outfits on my characters from the chest up. My character will be without clothes, and you will be in charge of designing their clothes. I will give you more details if we are interested in your work.

This's ONLY an example, DO NOT USE to draw on it. If I choose to work with you, I will send you another character template. I'll need regular or fun clothing, even from ancient times (renaissance, etc.). It all depends on our needs. But definitely nothing cyberpunk or sci-fi.


I'll provide you a Character without outfit, ( Female and Male).


You'll draw her looking chest up on top in a different layer (inks only).

Required skills

- How to draw clothes, hair, and accessories (jackets, glasses, necklaces, caps, helmets, etc.).
- Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop.

What to send?

1.  The link to your portfolio of 5 to 10 images (or your gallery from a social network). However, if your portfolio shows outfits which is what I'm looking for, you have more possibilities.

2.  Please sand a quote per outfit from chest up, (inks only). How much do you charge per design as a set? (e.i., the set consists of a jacket and a helmet).

PLEASE NOTE: I won't be able to reply all the submissions but only the ones that have potential. Thanks for your understanding.

Please send your Portfolio!

Thanks for submitting!
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